Best Aquarium Algae Scraper of 2019

When it comes to taking care of our pets, we always have to do our best to provide the right and proper care they need and deserve. Unlike dogs and cats, fishes and other aquatic animals need extra special attention since they are really dependent on their owners. If you do not know what to do to, then you would be in a hard time, especially since fishes are susceptible animals that are prone to risks and dangers when not taken care well.

As a fish owner, one of the many joys you experience is seeing your lovely aquatic animals going about their day in their aquarium. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing them through the glass, swimming around and interacting with each other. Just the sight of your fish is enough to enjoy yourself and with the plants and ornaments living together peacefully. However, if there is one thing that stands between you and the cleanliness and health of your fish, it is algae.

Scientifically, algae are a full group of aquatic organisms that can undergo photosynthesis, just like plants. Majority of algae live in aquatic habitats, and these include ponds, lakes, and even your aquariums. Since they thrive in almost any water and any temperature, it is most likely that they will succeed in your beloved aquarium as well. Algae can be a huge problem because they can cover almost every surface of your aquarium, from the walls to the gravel substrate, even with your aquarium ornaments.

Thankfully, algae can be easily controlled. Some tools and products are specifically made to remove and control algae off your aquarium. Why is this important? Like what we mentioned earlier, the presence of algae can significantly affect the cleanliness of your glass tank and the health of your fishes. If you are a responsible fish owner, then you would put the welfare of your fishes at the top of your priority list.

Here we will give you the best aquarium algae scrapers there is on the market. If you are looking for one and need help deciding which one to buy, then this is your lucky day. Buy the best one now, and you will never worry about your fishes’ health being compromised.

Factors to Consider for the Best Algae Scraper

Scrapping algae is not a favorite thing to do among fish owners, but it is all part of the sacrifice of taking care of living beings. No matter how tedious and tiring this task is, you have to remember that you are doing this for the betterment of your fishes and to keep your aquarium healthy. There are a wide variety of aquarium algae scrapers available nowadays and making a choice can be difficult if you do not know what to look for.

Before buying and choosing the best algae scraper for your aquarium, it is best that you what factors to consider and how to pick them. Researching and knowing is a significant factor in making a choice. For starters, what type of tool will you need? What material is your aquarium made of? Do you want it to be an automatic or a manual cleaner? These questions will help you in your decision to find the best algae scraper for your aquarium.

The most basic thing you have to know when choosing an aquarium algae scraper is what your tank is made of. Some aquarium tanks are glass or acrylic, and you have to select the proper algae scraper to make sure that you don’t damage your tank. A glass scraper is not suitable for an acrylic tank because it will leave marks, scratches, and deep gouges all over. It will ruin your acrylic tank. The same thing can be said for glass tanks as well. To be sure, ask the service person or an expert to help you out on these things.

Another thing you have to consider is how willing are you to get wet. Some aquarium algae scrapers require you to get soaked by scraping manually on the inside of the tank, while a magnetic eraser is a drier version by using a magnet system to clean the interior of the container without submerging your hands directly into the water. Both types of algae scrapers are useful when it comes to cleaning your tank; it all matters on your preference. You can also opt to choose a robo-scraper to do the scraping business their own, without you getting involved and dirty. This costs more than the typical algae scraper, but if you’re willing to dish out a few dollars, this is also a really nice option.

If you are willing to get your hands wet, a handheld scraper is perfect for you. Make sure to get one that floats so that if you let go of it while cleaning, it floats directly to the surface. Most cases, when you let go of your scraper, and it sinks down, finding and digging through the environment upsets the fish which is not what you want. It is also an easier and more convenient option. A magnetic scraper, on the other hand, works the same way but you control it from the outside of the tank through a magnet. Again, make sure to get the floatable one in case the pieces separate.

The best aquarium algae scraper is the one that fits your needs and preferences. Consider the following factors we mentioned above, and you are good to go! Whatever algae scraper you choose, make sure that it is the right one for your tank and fish. If you still need help deciding, we have listed down the best aquarium algae scrapers below with our top pick and our top budget-friendly pick.

Number 1


  • Ease of Use
  • Strong Cleaning Power
  • Replaceable Blades
  • Buoyant
  • Low Profile Design

This is our top pick for the best aquarium algae scraper there is on the market now. This product is the best one Flipper has provided for the reason that it can do two tasks in one product. The Flipper Magnet Aquarium Cleaner combines both the handheld scraper and magnetic cleaner. It really is the best of both worlds for this product. Imagine cleaning your tank with ease because you can switch between two options easily and effortlessly! Scraping algae off your tanks will be a fun job because of these algae cleaner.

Nothing can compare to how versatile this algae cleaner can be. There are two blades for this scraper, one metal, and one plastic so that you can switch it out for both acrylic and glass tanks. Talk about switching things up! This ensures no scratching on your tanks and no worries for you to buy two scrapers when you can have it in this one fantastic product. The cleaner is also floatable and can orient itself in case the magnets separate. A low profile and minimal design allow it to penetrate through tight corners and nooks easily; the design and size itself aren’t too much to scare away fishes during cleaning. It is built to remove algae in just a swipe and even with its small size; it can cover a lot of areas quickly.

Number 2

By: Gulfstream Tropical

  • Easy to Retrieve
  • Quick and Easy Navigation
  • Rough Scrubbing Surface
  • Good for Large Tanks
  • Strong Magnets

The manufacturer of the product is well known to provide the best magnetic aquarium cleaners, and this is one of their most popular cleaners available. Don’t underestimate the Mag-Float Glass Aquarium Cleaner because it can indeed deliver at what it’s meant to do, and that is to make sure that your aquarium tanks are free of algae.

One of the main features of this aquarium cleaner is its buoyancy. Most fish owners have the problem of missing cleaners because they sink directly to the bottom. This cleaner, however, floats to the top, making it really easy for you to continue cleaning just in case that happens. Moreover, it is also easy to pull the magnets apart making it easier to get stones out if they find themselves inside the cleaner. The buoyancy of this cleaner also means easier navigation of the tank during cleaning, even on tight corners. The cleaner, however, is only suitable for glass tanks and not acrylic ones.

Number 3

By: Aqueon

  • Comes with Different Cleaning Pads
  • Bottom-Weighted Magnet
  • Replacement Pads Included
  • Improved Maneuverability
  • Reduced Anxiety for Fish

This is our top budget-friendly pick because of its cheap price and fantastic versatility. This cleaning magnet for algae is both suitable for acrylic tanks and glass tanks as well. What’s more impressing about this product aside from its versatility is how it is ergonomically designed for improved maneuverability when cleaning. One problem encountered by most fish owners is not reaching the tight spaces of any tank; this product solves all that because of its sleek and practical design.

If there is any downside to this product, it is that the cleaner is not floatable. Meaning, if it breaks from the magnet, it sinks. However, it is compensated by making it bottom-weighted. This means that if it separates, it will directly sink below the magnet and not float and sink around all over the tank. Plus, the manufacturers made sure to make the magnet bond strong so that cases like these rarely happen.

Number 4

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  • Three Different Blades
  • Corrosion Resistant Handles
  • Tough on Cleaning
  • Sharp Blade
  • Six Different Lengths

Scrapers are so underrated when it comes to cleaning algae off your tanks because people do not want to get involved with all the mess. However, scrapers allow you to manually clean the tank assuring that you did not miss any spots, which sometimes other products can’t provide. The Kent Marine Pro-Scraper is a perfect example of a scraper meant to deliver well on its purpose.

One of the main features of this scraper is its three different blades which you can pick depending on what your tank needs. It is handy on both algae and strong coralline, which can be a real hassle among fish owners. It comes in three different lengths, with the best seller at 24 to 36 inches long. This is just enough to get your hand inside the tank and clean your algae without the mess you assume.

The three blades are interchangeable and can easily be replaced with just a snap. What’s impressive about this scraper is its ability to be versatile among your tank needs. There is no need for you to buy different products since you can have it all in just one.

Number 5

By: Kendsum

  • Reduces Risk of Scratches
  • Unique Buoyancy
  • Meant for Right and Left Handed People

This final product on our list is a magnetic cleaner brought to you by a trusted manufacturer, KEDSUM. It is only meant for glass aquariums with glass up to 0.79 inches thick. What’s impressive about this product is the fabric which cleans the algae. The fabric is made up of miniature plastic hooks that scrape off the algae carefully, leaving no chance for scratching or damaging the glass. Sand and other substrates also have no room for the fiber because of its intelligent design.

An innovative hand grip design of the cleaner is meant for the right hand and left hand, saying, that you won’t spend an awkward time cleaning your tank, especially if you are left-handed. Moreover, a textured thumb grip helps cleaning the tank smoothly. Rounded edges of the cleaner also make cleaning easier since it can reach corners with ease.

Final Words

Finding the right algae cleaner can be difficult and hard if you do not know what to do. We already explained what and how to look for the best algae cleaner, so be guided with what we mentioned. Moreover, an exhaustive list of the best aquarium algae cleaners is also provided above to help you make a quick choice if you need one.

The perfect algae cleaner makes the unsightly appearances of algae in your aquarium go away easily and quickly. Remember that the best algae cleaner is the one that you need and prefer. No one knows your fish and tanks better as well as you do. Although, it would not hurt to ask for advice or two when needed. Your fishes rely on you to provide them the best life and care they deserve, do not let them down.