Best Automatic Fish Feeder 2019 Review

An automatic feeder is not a necessity but it certainly has a lot of pros.
This device will take away most of your daily tasks towards your aquarium. It is a perfect choice if you have a busy schedule and you want to be sure that you will not forget to feed your fish. Also, it is good for people who are new to aquariums and still have no habits.
However, in some situations, people who use automatic feeders get lazy around their aquarium and lose their touch. Your interaction with the fish is very important. The more time you spend around it, the surer you can be that you will spot any changes which could be crucial.
Automatic fish feeders have a lot of different variations but most work on the same principle. Most models are run by batteries and have low-battery indicators, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble using one. You can read more about the pros and cons of an automatic feeder, and how to choose the perfect one after our list.
Now let’s get on with the best models on the market. Every feeder on our list is available on Amazon at the best current market price!

Torlam Aquarium Automatic Fish Feeder 901

By: Torlam

  • Innovative
  • Keeps The Food Fresh
  • Accurate Dosing
  • Up to 4 Meals Per Day
  • Runs On Batteries

The 901 fish feeder by Eden is one of the more innovative models on the market. It has a system which keeps the food fresh and healthy for your fish.

The amount of food you want your fish to be fed can be easily adjusted at any time and the dosage can be controlled as well on the LCD display. We have to give it to the manufacturers – the set amounts are extremely accurate. You can also set it up for up to 4 meals per day and each meal can have a total of 3 doses. Originally, it has a preset mode which is set to 2 meals per day at 8 am and 8 pm.

NICREW Automatic Fish Feeder

By: Nicrew

  • Cheap
  • Integrated Fan & Ventilation System
  • Easily Adjustable Portions
  • Up to 5 Feedings Per Day
  • Off Button

This automatic fish feeder by Nicrew is a highly technological product at a very low price. It offers up to 5 feedings per day while at the same time you can set how many servings there will be per feeding.

This model does not let any moisture in. It has an integrated fan and ventilation system which keeps all the food dry. You can set the portions through the adjustable slider and unlike most other products on the market, it has an off button.

Leoie Automatic Fish Feeder

By: Leoie

  • Durable Food Container
  • 5 Feedings Per Day
  • Manual Button
  • Dust-free
  • User-Friendly

This is one very small and compact model which in the same time holds a large 150ml container. It is, of course, powered by batteries and it has an LCD display.

It can be adjusted to up to 5 feedings per day, while at the same time you can use the manual button whenever you want. Serving sizes are also absolutely adjustable. All food will be kept clean as it is dust-free.

You can start using this feeder almost immediately, all you need to do is install a few adjustable screws.

COODIA Auto Fish Food Feeder


  • Large Container
  • Up to 4 Meals Per Day
  • Adjustable Portions
  • Moisture Resistant
  • LCD Display

This feeder by Coodia is not a popular choice but it definitely has its strong sides and will not let you down. It is battery operated and is absolutely user-friendly.

It has an LCD display on the top and it allows you to adjust every detail of the feeding process. With this feeder, you can set up to 4 meals per day. It has an adjustable slider which allows you to accurately set the portions you want to distribute. It also allows you to pack different types of food for a healthy diet.

The capacity of this feeder is 175ml. and it has a moisture-resistant hopper which will keep all the food fresh.

Hydor Automatic Fish Feeder

By: Hydor

  • Durable
  • Up to 3 Feedings Per Day
  • Keeps Food Dry
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • Adjustable Servings

The automatic fish feeder by Hydor is one of the most reliable units on the market with one of the most endurable builds. It is also very power efficient, so you can expect the batteries to last up to a year. You will know when to place new ones from its low battery indicator.

The model offers one to three feedings per day and the amounts are also adjustable. It does not allow any moisture to go in so the food will always be preserved dry.

Eheim Automatic Feeding Unit

By: Eheim

  • Integrated Ventilation System
  • Manual Button
  • Stores Up to 2 Weeks of Food
  • Customized Feeding Process
  • Warranty

Eheim has been known as one of the best brands for aquarium equipment for many years now. Their products are high-quality, last many years without a problem, and come at affordable prices compared to some other top brands. This automatic feeder by them has been one of the most preferred products on the market and there are reasons behind all that.

This model allows you to control every aspect of the feeding process. You can set the exact amount of food that will be distributed and also the time. You can schedule up to 8 feeding sessions.

It has an LCD display and a special internal ventilation system which keeps the food inside dry. Lastly, it also has a manual button, so you can always give your fish more food than scheduled.

PROCHE Digital Automatic Fish Feeder

By: Proche

  • Cheap and Effective
  • Two Type of Installation
  • Up to 4 Feedings Per Day
  • Large Container
  • Warranty

Our top pick for an automatic fish feeder is by Proche. We chose this model because of its price compared to its effectiveness. It is extremely user-friendly and allows up to four feedings per day. You can also set the exact times for each feeding.

The model also has two types of installation for your convenience. You can easily adjust the serving size to the perfect amount with the adjustable slider. You get the necessary batteries in the package, so you can start using it instantly. The capacity is about 150ml. so it could last for about two weeks before you really need to re-fill it.

The model includes a 12-month warranty and the company promises a lifetime customer service.

Benefits of using a fish feeder


If you set and fill the feeder correctly and it has batteries, you can rest assured that your fish will be fed no matter how busy you are throughout the day.

Equal Servings

When feeding your fish by hand it is very hard to always get the right proportion. Sometimes it is not enough, sometimes it is too much. With an automatic fish feeder, you can always be sure that the servings will be the same.

Less food waste and a cleaner environment

Furthermore on the previous bullet, if you put too much food and your fish cannot eat that much, this food becomes waste in the aquarium. With a feeder, you can reduce this waste.

Better diet

With a feeder, you can mix different types of food and give your fish a better diet.


As already mentioned in the beginning, owning a fish feeder might build some bad habits. Even if you use one, make sure you are always monitoring the water and behavior of your fish at least weekly.

How to choose a good fish feeder

By reading our top list you must have already understood what are the usual features and what to look for in a feeder. However, here are the usual characteristics you need to definitely look for:


If you have a massive aquarium, you need to look for models with bigger containers which can stock food for a longer period of time. If, however, your aquarium is small to medium, you need to be careful not to buy one too large as it can easily create problems due to its weight.


In the variety of models available on the market, there are those which last longer using the same pair of batteries. What you need to look for are models which have an indicator for when the battery is about to run out of power.

Multiple feedings per day and adjustable servings

It is without a doubt that more small feedings are better than one massive. It is the same with humans. Be sure to look for models which allow at least three or four feedings per day. Also, although most available models have this option, you need to be sure that the serving sizes are easily adjustable.

Ventilation systems

An important feature which not every model has is some type of a ventilation system which keeps the food fresh and dry. Moisture is a big issue, so make sure you look for models which do not allow that in the feeder.


You do not necessarily need a feeder for daily use but it would be a great idea to still have one at home. You never know when you will be too busy or away from home for days. It would be much easier to have this machine feed your fish than, for example, ask a friend to go to your home every day.

We have given you all you need to know about a fish feeder before you purchase one. Now it is time to choose the best one for your needs. Probably by now you already have a few that caught your eye. Our list has combined the overall best options on the market based on price, features, and effectiveness. All models on our list are available on Amazon at the best current market prices!