Best Filter for Turtle Tanks: 5 Top Picks for 2019

5 Best Turtle Filters Reviews

Quite often do I witness turtle tanks without the proper equipment. And not referring only to home-based aquariums, but also in specialized stores, where people buy their tanks and gear from, the very places that are supposed to provide you with everything you need and all the necessary information.

Turtles, like any other living organism, need a clean and safe environment. When setting up your turtle tank, there is one piece of equipment which is of key importance – the filter.

Choosing the best turtle tank filter could be a problem when you see a wide variety of products. The hardest decision of all would probably be choosing between a canister and an internal filter. An internal filter, obviously, is placed inside the tank. It not only takes up a lot of space, but it also creates a bad contrast to the beautiful fauna. Furthermore, a canister filter, which is placed out of the tank, is much more powerful, it allows you to control the flow, and provides better filtration, easier maintenance, and more space for the turtles or in other cases – fish, alligators, etc.

Below you can find our top choices for turtle tank filters based on power,  productivity, features and according to the best current prices. All of the following models are available on Amazon at the latest prices!



  • UV Sterilizer
  • Very Quiet
  • Very Powerful
  • Better Filtration
  • Powerful
  • Self-Start
  • Easy Set-up
  • Great Value
  • Easy to Maintain
  • Great Flow Rate

By: Aquatop

  • UV Sterilizer
  • Applicable to bigger tanks
  • Comes with a lot of features
  • Easy set-up and maintenance
  • Very quiet

This filter is great if you are on a tighter budget and your tank is medium-large. It is perfect for tanks up to 175 gallons and you can choose between three different levels of GHP(gallons per hour). The most notable feature is the UV sterilizer, which most models do not have. It removes all types of bacteria and algae which could be in the water. Furthermore, it is extremely quiet and not too big in size.

By: Fluval

  • Very powerful
  • Better filtration
  • Easy to maintain
  • Very quiet due to its sound dampening impeller
  • 3-year warranty

This powerful model is for a bit smaller tanks but it also comes in four different sizes starting from 25 gallons to 100 gallons. A most notable feature is the extra internal space than usual which allows you to place more filtering media inside. It is also more powerful than the usual models.

The maintenance is extremely simple since the intake strainer is clog-proof. It also comes with a 3-year warranty which is a big plus!

By: Fluval

  • Perfect for big tanks
  • Easy set-up and maintenance
  • Powerful
  • Advanced microchip technology for pump performance
  • Self-start

Of course, we have to include a filter for enormous tanks in our list and this one is an absolute beast. If you have a tank that is up to 400 gallons, this is the filter you are looking for. It is quite larger than the usual models, but if you have a tank this big, you should be able to find space for this machine.

It is extremely powerful – it pumps out 700 gallons per hour! It cleans out even the highest amount of contamination. You get all the necessary media with the package so you will not need to spend additional money on those.

The greatest feature is surely the microchip technology which makes it run on its own. It turns on and off periodically to remove any air bubbles. You will not need to do anything on your own. This also means that the set-up is as easy as it gets.

It has a leak-proof design so you shouldn’t expect any leakage!

Overall Best Canister Filter for Turtle Tanks

By: Hydor

  • Easy set-up
  • Powerful flow rate
  • Adjustable flow rate
  • Extra internal space
  • Great value for price

Our TOP pick for the best canister filter for turtle tanks definitely goes to the Hydor Professional External Canister Filter. This model is literally an entire eco-system! Despite not being one of the top brands for external filters on the market, with this model Hydor offers nothing less than the top-quality expensive models.

Let’s start with the design. Firstly, it definitely has a very attractive design. It has a rectangular shape which allows you to place a lot more filtration media. More filtration media – cleaner water.

It comes in five different sizes and all of them are quite powerful. The smallest version is for tanks between 20-40 gallons while the largest easily handles tanks as big as 150 gallons. You get everything you need in the package like filtration media and ceramic rings, the only thing not included is carbon.

You can easily adjust the flow rate using the ball valves on the tubing which allows you to set it perfect for your tank. It also includes a spray bar.

And let’s not forget, it is absolutely silent with its soundproofing features.

For its low price, I definitely suggest that you give this model a thought before jumping on to the usual expensive top-brand filters.

Overall Best Internal Filter for Turtle Tanks

By: Aqueon

  • Quiet
  • Easy to maintain
  • Efficient filtration
  • Great flow rate
  • Great overall performance

Our one and only top pick best internal filter for turtle tanks goes to the Aqueon Quietflow Internal Power Filter. This model just stands out in the huge variety of options. Of course, we would suggest that you buy an internal filter only for very small tanks and if you do not really have the space to store an external one. This model is great for tanks up to 40 gallons.

As you can understand from its name, this model is very quiet. In my experience, I have witnessed some terribly noisy filters, so this one definitely stands out.

The flow rate is about 155 gallons per hour and is also adjustable. You can modify it to work at exactly as much as your tank requires. More importantly, this filter engages all different types of filtration – biological, chemical and mechanical. You can be sure that everything bad in the water will be removed!


To go more in dept for the choosing process – there are a few key things to think about. Firstly, the size of the tank. To be more secure you should look for filters which can work on sizes which double the size of your tank.

Then, of course, you need to think about power and filtration. All of the models we have listed are top quality in terms of power and filtration for their price ranges.

Another important issue is durability. Nobody wants to spend a lot of money on a product which will not last at least a few years.

And lastly, maintenance is key. You do not want to make your life harder with a system that will bring you headaches. This is why our list consists of models which are usually extremely easy to maintain.

Without a doubt, by now you have already picked one of those as your favorite. Be sure to check out all the filters from our list and make sure you pick the one that best fits the needs of your tank!