Best Fish Tank Test Kits 2019 Review

When keeping an aquarium there are a number of things you need to do to ensure the well-being of your fish. One of highest importance is keeping your water clean and safe. No matter if you have a large saltwater aquarium with all kinds of exotic fish, or you have a freshwater one, small or big, your water needs to be monitored at least weekly and whenever you feel like something is not right.

Some of the more important water quality parameters are Ammonia, pH, High Range pH, Nitrate and Nitrite which all need to be balanced. In order to have them balanced you need to maintain your water clean from waste, leftover food or untreated tap water. And to know if there parameters are correct, you need the proper equipment.

There are a number of starter kits on the market, but we are here for the more complicated ones which actually examine the water correctly and give proper results. And like with anything else connected to the well-being of your pets, it is much more beneficial to invest into something which is a bit more expensive but does the job correct, than something cheap and false.

Here is our list of the best aquarium test kits on the market. All products are available on Amazon at the best current prices.

API Saltwater Master Test Kit


  • Up to 550 Tests
  • Accurate
  • User-Friendly
  • Easy to Use
  • Solutions for Results

Api is one of the brands with the widest variety of quality products for aquarium safekeeping and healthy environment. They have been on the market for decades and are one of the preferred brands when it comes to water monitoring.

In this kit you get six bottles, again four test tubes with caps and a holding tray, and finally, a laminated color card. With this you can examine nitrite, nitrate, high range pH and ammonia, all the important factors for healthy water.

This kit will also last you a long time, as it holds enough liquids for as many as 550 full tests. You can rest assured that this product will give you accurate results any time you use it.

NovoBlue 14-in-1 Water Test Kit

By: NovoBlue

  • 14 in 1 Test Strips
  • Can Be Used For Aquariums and Other Water
  • Accurate Results
  • Result Charts
  • Great Customer Service

A test kit which takes less time and monitors quite a lot more factors than the usual ones, NovoBlue is in most cases chosen by people who need to monitor tap water, or pool water, but this product is also great for aquariums!

The usual kits you are offered on the market examine one or just a combination of a few water parameters. With the 14 in 1 test strips by NovoBlue you can monitor any freshwater or liquid in extreme depts. It is approved by FDA and certified by CE.

You get 100 test strips in total and all you need to do is dip a strip and compare it to the charts later.

API Freshwater Master Test Kit - Top Freshwater Tester Kit Choice


  • Easy to Use
  • Over 800 Tests
  • Monitors All The Most Important Water Parameters
  • Accurate Testing
  • Convenient Features

On the freshwater side, this is our top choice for a freshwater tank. Again by API, this model has no equal on the market yet and we highly suggest it!

Their Freshwater Master Test Kit includes four glass tubes with caps, seven test solution bottles, a test tube rack, a holding tray, and a color card. It is advised that you use this kit at least once a week. This kit is made to last at least 800 tests which means that you will not be re-investing for a long time.

Note: Make sure you are using this kit only for freshwater tanks!

Red Sea Fish Pharm ARE21525 Marine Care Test Kit - Top Saltwater Tank Test Kit Choice

By: Red Sea

  • User-friendly
  • Extremely Accurate
  • Measures Alkalinity Levels
  • Perfect for Coral Packed Aquariums
  • Solutions and Information Provided

Our top choice for a marine/saltwater tank is definitely this model by Red Sea. We have chosen this version as our best due to its extreme accuracy during tests. It allows you to monitor all the most important parameters of salt water.

As already mentioned – accuracy. This test kit measures ammonia within a 0.02ppm, pH within 0.02ppm, and nitrate within 2ppm and 0.05ppm. It also measures alkalinity levels. You get user-friendly instructions and also color charts for any parameter. Tests usually take a while more than the usual but this is due to the highly accurate final results. Finally, you get a plastic box for safekeeping.

JNW Direct Aquarium Test Strips 7 in 1

By: JNW Direct

  • Perfect for Saltwater and Freshwater Tanks
  • Instant Results
  • High Accuracy
  • User-friendly
  • Positive Reviews

Our list would not be full without a test kit which works on both salt and freshwater tanks. The 7 in 1 strips by JNW Direct is considered as one of the kits with highest accuracy on the market.

This test kit calculates calcium, pH, nitrite, nitrate, KL/carbonate, total hardness and total alkalinity – 7 in 1. For this attractive cheap price you get 150 test strips for 150 tests and you can expect high accuracy from any of those. You get simple instructions and a chart on the bottle.


If you have already built an expensive and complex aquarium system, why wouldn’t you invest a little bit more in a good water test kit? Monitoring the water parameters is one of the keys to a healthy aquarium. Especially if you are looking after a marine aquarium with expensive fish and corals which need a certain environment, make sure you get all the proper equipment!