Best Food for Betta Fish: Top Picks for 2019

What is the best betta food?

Bettas are some of the easiest fish to care for. One of the most important parts of their care, however, is their diet which is often unintentionally neglected due to their low-maintenance lifestyle. The best way to give your betta the best life possible is by giving him or her the best food on the market.

Below are a few of the best betta foods that can be found both on Amazon and in local pet stores. The foods below are wholesome, tasty, and ensuring that your betta has a long, happy life.

Top 5 Best Foods for Betta Fish Reviewed in 2019



  • No Artificial Colors
  • Bite-Sized
  • Bite-Sized
  • Sinking Pellets
  • Color Enhancing
  • Complete Nutrition
  • Versatile
  • No Chemicals
  • Chemical Free
  • Enhances Color

By: Aqueon

  • All natural ingredients
  • Wholesome nutrition
  • Bite-sized
  • Promotes waste reduction
  • No artificial colors or flavors

The Aqueon Betta Pellets are carefully crafted and balanced for your betta. They’re made with a high concentration of real shrimp and whole fish meal that has been made from both salmon and herring, providing more than enough protein to support your betta’s healthy lifestyle. They are all natural, containing no artificial colors or flavors and have added amounts of vitamins and minerals. They are neutral in color and just the right size for your betta to consume. They have been formulated to increase how much of the food is absorbed by your betta’s body, while at the same time, reducing the amount of waste that comes as a result.

By: Ocean Nutrition

  • Uses fresh, wholesome ingredients
  • Bite-sized
  • Sinking pellets
  • Versatile
  • Won’t cloud water

Ocean Nutrition Betta Pellets use only fresh ingredients and boycott anything that is processed or unhealthy for your betta. It was developed to provide the ultimate nutrition and won’t cloud the water of your fish’s tank. The pellets are made from whole fish meal that include protein (36%) from a variety of fish, as well as krill meal, and a number of beneficial vitamins and minerals. The pellets are “mini”- perfect for the small mouths of bettas, and sink to the bottom where the fish can easily find them. Not only are the pellets good for bettas, but they can also be used for paradise fish and gouramis, and will enhance the color of any fish that consumes it on a regular basis.

By: Nutrafin

  • Color enhancing
  • Promotes growth and development
  • Tasty
  • Increases digestive functions
  • Complete nutrition source

These floating fish flakes are specially formulated for the sensitive bodies of bettas, promising to provide complete nutrition. The food works to enhance your betta’s vibrant colors in a safe and tasty way. It’s color enhancing abilities are thanks to its natural ingredients and folic acids that work together to keep the colors vibrant and beautiful. Its ingredients include fish meal, krill, dried bloodworms, and a host of vitamins and minerals, as well as yeast extract that supports and increases the health of your betta’s digestive system.  In addition to color enhancement, the food also supports healthy growth and development of young bettas.

By: Hikari

  • Versatile
  • Packaged for convenience
  • Free of parasites
  • No chemicals
  • Will not cloud water

Hikari’s freeze dried daphnia are excellent for use after fish are medicated or treated for illness, or to use as an occasional treat. They can be fed to invertebrates and smaller fish, as well as bettas. The food comes in a handy sprinkle-easy container and consists of freeze-dried, non chemically treated, daphnia that is free of parasites.  They are supplemented with vitamins and minerals and will not cloud the tank’s water when introduced. Setting the food aside from others of its kind is the fact that the Hikari brand daphnia is made using a pharmaceutical freeze-drying technique that ensures freshness and taste.

By: Hartz

  • Specific fat to protein ratio
  • Chemical free
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Won’t cloud the water
  • Enhances color

Hartz Wadley betta pellets are some of the most popular betta foods around and for good reason. These pellets boast various health benefits for your betta and are ideal for creating a balanced diet. The pellets are formulated with a specific blend of protein and fat, and consists of fish meal. The food is great for the growth of small bettas and helps to preserve the fish’s colors. It is free of dyes and artificial flavors so your betta can enjoy a tasty, all-natural meal that you can feel good about serving. In addition, the food won’t cloud the water.


As you can see, betta food varies by company and brand. Regardless of which food you choose, you should ensure that your top choice is all natural and chemical free. It should be nutritional and ideally, not cloud the water or obstruct your vision of your betta. So, what are you waiting for? Take the first step to improving your betta’s health by checking out the suggestions above