5 Best Heater for Betta Fish Tanks 2019 Review

Best Heaters for Betta Fish Tanks Reviewed in 2019

Bettas are tropical fish, which means they live in warmer waters. In most cases, your room temperature will not be high enough for them. They need a temperature around 80 degrees, otherwise, they will not be as happy as they could be.

Bettas are highly territorial. It is practically impossible to have two male bettas at the same aquarium, unless it is separated, although you could possibly have a few female ones together. This means that usually bettas are kept in very small aquariums, not bigger than 5-10 gallons. Therefore, most of our heater picks in this list are for smaller aquariums.

It is much better to be prepared before actually buying a heater. There are a number of false products in the vast variety of models, so our list combines both budget heaters and more expensive ones, which you can actually trust.

Overall Top-Pick Best Small Tank Betta Heater

By: ViaAqua

  • Much higher-quality than other cheap heaters
  • Durable
  • Maintains a steady temperature
  • Wide temperature range
  • Powerful

Our top pick for a small betta tank heater is by ViaAqua. This model is suitable for tanks as big as 10-13 gallons and it has some features which are not typical for cheap heaters.

This model is very durable, you could expect it to last a long time. It has a very solid quartz-glass construction, fully adjustable temperature and a great large visible thermometer on the front. Surprisingly, it easily maintains a steady temperature!

Lastly, this is, of course, the least important detail, but it definitely looks very attractive!

By: Uniclife

  • Submersible
  • Shatterproof
  • Cheap
  • Keeps the temperature steady
  • Durable

If ever on a tight budget and in need of a heater, the Uniclife HT-6050 model is a great choice. Despite not looking very attractive, this model is perfect for aquariums from 5 to 15 gallons and is also equipped with a large and visible thermometer, which allows you to control the temperature at any given time.

As most thermometers, it is absolutely easy to use, you just have to plug it in and stick it on the aquarium wall. There is a mechanism which turns it on and off to keep the temperature steady. It is also fully waterproof, so you can fully submerge it in the aquarium.

By: Eheim

  • High-tech
  • Sizes suitable for any need
  • Thermo Safety Control
  • Turns off at low water level
  • Fully-submersible

This model is a bit more pricy, but it does offer some high-quality features which cheaper models cannot possibly have. This product line begins at 25 watts and ends at 300 watts but you wouldn’t need anything bigger than the 25-watt model for a small-medium sized betta tank.

It is fully submersible and it has a great feature which turns it off immediately if the water level dips too low. It successfully maintains a steady temperature and is extremely accurate.

Lastly, we have one more special feature, the Thermo Safety Control which means it has an automatic dry run shut off!

Overall Top-Pick Best Large Tank Betta Heater

By: Fluval

  • Protects fish
  • Monitors temperature at any moment
  • Alert system
  • Durable
  • Long 5-year warranty

Fluval offers a wide range of wattages for this model, but we are addressing 200-watt one. This is our TOP pick for larger aquarium heaters for bettas, tanks as big as 65 gallons. Heat management is key for betta tanks so you definitely will win if you purchase this model.

It has a special system which does real time monitoring of the water temperature. It has a display alert system with three colors – blue, green and red. Each color means a different thing, green is for when the temperature is in the desired pre-set levels, blue is when it is too cold, and red is for when the temperature is too high and you need to manually change the settings.

Furthermore, you also receive a long 5 – year warranty which is great for any customer.

By: Plenn Plax

  • Pre-set temperature
  • Fully-submersible
  • Maintains temperature
  • Can be placed however you want
  • Safe and easy to use

Penn Plax offers a wide range of wattages for their heater model. Their two smallest versions are the 25-watt for up to 5 gallons and the 75-watt for up to 15 gallons. Those two variations are perfect for betta tanks and will do you better than you expect.

This heater is fully submersible and maintains the temperature accurately at all times. Unlike some other models on the market, this one could be placed both vertically and horizontally. It also comes at a pre-set temperature of 76 degrees which is almost perfect for betta fish, but you, of course, could always change temperature.


And there you have it! These were our top heater choices for both small and large betta tanks. Of course, there are many more options out there, but these are the best in terms of quality and durability for the price. You can see all the best prices on Amazon and decide which heater is perfect for your needs!