Best Indoor Rabbit Cage: Top Picks for 2019

What Rabbit Cage is Right for my Rabbits?

Rabbits are the perfect choice for a pet animal. They are small, fluffy, and do not require a lot of care unlike, for example, dogs or even cats. This is often the reason why they are a preferred pet for smaller children and not only.

Animals give us a lot of joy and happiness. When you decide to buy a pet of any kind, you have to be ready to give it the best care you could. 

So you may be wondering, What is the best indoor rabbit cage?

Well in this article we hope to answer this question by reviewing our top 5 picks for the best indoor rabbit cage setups currently on the market.

What most owners forget is that animals want to socialize and be happy, but this will not happen if they do not have a great home. Therefore, taking care of rabbits indoors gives you a better opportunity to protect them and monitor their health. However, you first need to invest in a good product!

Rabbits, like most other animals, need space to move around and play. This happens to be a problem with the majority of rabbit cages sold in animal stores. With this article, we want to bring to your attention some great cage choices for rabbits, perfect for any budget and a lot better than the extremely cheap, tight and ugly typical models.



  • Spacious
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Durable
  • User-Friendly
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Cheap
  • Attractive Design
  • Durable
  • Spacious
  • Easy to Maintain

Top Pick: Overall Best Indoor Rabbit Cage

By: Petsfit

  • Spacious
  • Painted with non-toxic paint
  • Separate private compartment
  • Easy maintenance
  • Great customer service

Our top choice for a rabbit cage for 2019 is by Petsfit. This beautiful model is constructed with cedar wood and painted without any toxic materials, something rare for cages. It is very spacious for a single rabbit, so this is another great choice if you have two furry friends! It also has a separate compartment for nesting and privacy.

The set-up is user-friendly and maintenance is not a problem. This is yet another model which comes with a pull-out tray. You also have doors on the front and top for easier access.

Lastly, the company promises that if you happen to get any leakages from the hutch, they will gladly send you a replacement product, but we have not heard of such troubles yet!

Top Pick: Best Indoor Rabbit Cage for 2 Rabbits

By: Advantek

  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor use
  • Great for more than 1 rabbit
  • User-friendly set-up
  • Pull-out tray for maintenance
  • Durability

If you have more than one rabbit or you are planning to, this is the perfect cage for you. The Stilt House by Advantek provides a lot of space for your rabbits to move around and play and also a comfortable second floor for rest and nesting.

Do not worry about maintenance. This model is equipped with a pull-out tray which pretty much settles all your problems. If you decide to put it outside at some point, it is made with a rot-resistant and anti-insect lumber.

Top Pick: Best Indoor Rabbit Cage on a Budget

By: Living World

  • Good Value
  • Easy maintenance
  • Hiding compartment for your rabbit
  • Plastic bottom base
  • Cheap

You wouldn’t expect how spacious this model is for its price. One of the best choices if you are on a budget. It also comes in three different sizes, but we definitely recommend the largest X-large size. It will without a doubt give your bunny all the space it needs to play and not be bored.

The bottom is made of plastic, while the top is a wire frame. It has a hiding spot on one side and a balcony over it, which is easy to access.

Maintenance is very simple – you just open the top lid and you will have access to every corner and section. Also, the balcony can be removed so you will clean the hiding spot easily as well!

Top Pick: Best Rabbit Cage for Indoor & Outdoor use

By: Aivituvin

  • Attractive design
  • More spacious than most models
  • User-friendly build
  • Easy to maintain
  • Durability

This model is perfect both for outdoor and indoor use. No matter where you decide to put it, it will surely endure a lot of years due to its amazing construction. It is waterproof and it comes with a solid asphalt roof. Not to mention it has two floors!

The model comes with a metal feeder and a special chewing toy gift. The bottom floor offers a lot of space for your rabbit to move around or play and is connected to the second floor, acting as a shelter. It has 4 doors, two on the bottom and two for the top floor, which makes it easy to maintain.

Top Pick: Most Versatile Rabbit Cage

By: Ferplast

  • Spacious
  • Comes with a lot of accessories
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to maintain
  • Separate shelter section

We will start with a model which does not attract with its design but surely has everything that a rabbit really needs. The Ferplast Krolik 140 Plus Rabbit Cage is specially equipped with an extension space for nesting and shelter.

It comes with some necessary accessories like a bowl, hay feeder, and a drinking bottle. For its cheap price, you basically get everything you will need.

Furthermore, it is extremely easy to use and you will not have a hard time assembling it. Then, also, the whole front side of the cage opens up so maintenance is absolutely no problem!


Overall, when you keep your rabbit inside, you will create a much tighter bond with it. You will keep it safe, it will not be suffering from weather conditions, etc. When choosing your rabbit cage, you need to look for a few things.

Size, of course, is of main importance. You need to give your rabbit enough space to move around. If your pet is static, this may lead to health issues. Then, you really should invest in a cage which comes with a second compartment for hiding and nesting. Your rabbit needs to have a private space for when it feels scared or wants to sleep.

Thirdly, if you invest in the spacious good-looking wooden hutches, make sure it has not been painted with any toxic materials! Lastly, be sure to choose accommodation which is easy to maintain.

All models in our guide include all of the above – space, safety, user-friendly maintenance and extra hidden space for hiding.