Best Leash for Bernese Mountain Dog 2019

The Bernese Mountain Dog is classified as a working dog, which makes it a great companion for working humans. While Bernese Mountain Dogs are smart, there are times when we need to put them on a leash.  We worked hard to find the best leash for Bernese Mountain Dogs depending on one’s need. Find out more about our review for the best Bernese Mountain Dog leash on the article below.

What to Look for in the Best Leash for Bernese Mountain Dog

Comfort and Functionality

When choosing a leash, I often check for the comfort that it can provide for both my dog and me. I make sure that the handle is soft to the touch to prevent wrist strains on my part. In terms of the leash itself, I try to make sure that it is a bit soft so that my pet is comfortable when using it. However, I make sure that the leash is durable enough to withstand my pet’s constant chewing.


This is a given when choosing a leash. It is important that the leash is strong enough to hold even the strongest pullers. The clamp should also have a sturdy grip.

Intended Use

Dog leashes are designed to fit a certain purpose. Ask yourself if you want a leash designed for long walks by the beach or if you want a leash that can be used for hiking. You may want a retractable leash or a dual-handle leash. Either way, you should choose a leash that best suits your needs.

Best Rope Dog Leash

By: Friends Forever

  • Sturdy
  • Easy to wear
  • Sustains hard pulls

Rope leashes are chosen due to the comfort it provides, but it shouldn’t fall short when it comes to strength and reliability. The Friends Forever Rope Leash is a reliable rope dog leash for the Bernese Mountain Dog as it is strong and sturdy. It is reliable as a mountain climbing rope leash as it allows the owner to lead any large-sized dog without sacrificing the comfort of your guide dog. Since it measures 6 feet long, you can still give your dog freedom without sacrificing your control. This rope leash is well-made, and it is easy to use since it stays on without slipping.

Since it does not come with a collar or a harness, your pet will love this leash due to the adjustable loop. On top of this, this is also the type of leash that you would like to purchase if you are looking for convenience as you can easily attach this to your pet. This is also ideal for dogs that require leash training as it can sustain a hard pull. Moreover, it is easier to bring along since it is lightweight and not prone to damage. However, you may want to choose a smaller leash for smaller dogs.

Best Retractable Dog Leash

By: Tug Pet Products

  • Quick Retraction
  • Affordable
  • Sturdy
  • Angled Handle

The TUG Patented 360° Retractable Dog Leash is an answered prayer for most pet owners as it helps minimize the clutter. For the Bernese Mountain Dog, the large size leash is recommended as it is best for dogs that weigh over 60 pounds. Since it employs the Tug Quick Lock and Brake System, dog owners have the convenience of choosing their desired leash length.

When choosing a retractable dog leash, it is important that the buttons are easy to push. This is a crucial feature, especially if you have a tenacious dog. One excellent feature of this retractable leash is the ergonomic handle. It is designed at an angle to ensure that the user wouldn’t strain their wrist.

The structure of the leash is quite sturdy, and the built is really solid. For its price, one could really say that it is value for the money. However, there are times when the leash becomes stuck. Moreover, this isn’t recommended for dogs with a strong pull as it may tend to snap.

Best Dog Leash for Walking

By: Heima

  • Low Cost
  • Great for leash training
  • Ideal for nighttime walking
  • Ergonomic handle

Walking your dog is an activity that you should never forego because your dog needs to exercise, too. The BAAPET Strong Dog Leash is designed for your daytime or nighttime dog walking routine. With a highly reflective thread, it allows for better visibility at night. However, I would rather stick to the neon colored variants to ensure that your thread is really visible even from afar.

The handle on this dog leash allows for it to become an ideal dog leash for walking. Since you will be holding on to the leash for a long time, it is important to have a comfortable hold of the handle. Otherwise, this may cause a strain on your wrist.

Personally, I prefer shorter leashes for walking since I can have a better handle on my pet if in case he pulls hard. In my opinion, this feature makes this leash great for leash training. On top of that, the leash remains sturdy despite constant chewing.

Best Padded Dog Leash

By: Black Rhino

  • The dual handle allows for flexibility of use
  • Comfortable handle
  • Functional
  • Comes with poop bag holder

When choosing a pet leash, you must also consider yourself and your needs. Why? You will be holding the other end of the leash, right? The Black Rhino Dual Handle Dog Leash is designed to provide comfort to both the pet and the pet owner. Due to the padded handles, handling the leash becomes easier even after a long period.

This dog leash is designed with two handles. The first handle is great for walking and jogging with your pets because this handle extends to 6 feet long. On the other hand, the second handle is great for dog training or if your dog is a hard puller as it is located a foot away from the end of the leash. Considering the design of this leash, it is safe to say that it prioritizes both comfort and functionality. This dog leash is also great for casual walks because it comes with a poop bag holder.

Best Long Leash for Dogs

By: Perfectmade

  • Sturdy
  • Ideal for working dogs
  • Great hook
  • Long

If you want to give your dog ample freedom without losing your control, you can choose to use the Perfectmade Dog Leash. Since it is 33 feet long, this leash is ideally used for walking in the park or the beach. The leash is made of nylon, which makes it really sturdy. However, the stitching can be prone to running when your pet begins to chew on it.

Considering the length of this leash, I was surprised that it wasn’t prone to tangling due to the thickness. The clamp on this leash also deserves praise since it is strong and easy to open. The downside to this long leash is that it is tricky to dry off once it gets soaked in rain or water. Moreover, due to the length of this leash, it is best to use this for dogs that are leash trained to ensure safety. This can’t be truer especially if you use this in places that are located near a road.