The Best Personalized Gift for Dog Owners

We all have those friends who are arguably way too into their pet, no matter how cute (even if they are really cute) their pet is. You know who these pet-obsessed people are in your life. Their phone’s camera roll, Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook is basically dedicated to their dog. They call that fluffy friend of theirs their fur child, their true love, or sibling on enough occasions to annoy you. Their dog is basically the only reason they’re in shape! And their dog has more clothes and accessories then you do in your closet!

So when gift-giving season rolls around, whether it is their birthday or the holidays, you’d think you would be set with the perfect gift for them and their dog. And yet, it can be hard to find the perfect personalized gift that truly speaks to how special the bond is between your friend and their pet. Enter Petsies, custom stuffed animals that look just like your pet! They are the best personalized gift for a dog owner out there on the market!

Why Petsies are the best personalized gift for dog owners

Each Petsie is handmade, airbrushed and made to look exactly like your loved one’s best friend. Whether your friend has a Frenchie with big black ears, a Poodle with a unique tail, or a brindle-colored Pit Bull, the team of designers at Petsies is able to make the custom plushie look just like the pooch. That’s what makes these custom gifts so special to give. Petsies make the perfect, soft cuddly keepsake for your friend and even their pet is going to love it! It will be the gift that your friend will come to cherish for years to come.

Petsies are also meaningful gift options if your loved one’s dog has traveled over the rainbow bridge. Giving a Petsie to a close friend or family member of a past pet will give them a way to memorialize and remember their pet forever. Gift ideas for a grieving loved one has previously been limited to a nice picture frame or plaque. But imagine giving your loved one the ability to hug their four-legged loyal friend again.

Petsies are a special gift that helps people to remember their special memories with their pet. Losing a childhood pet can be one of the most difficult events to go through. Petsies custom stuffed animals can bring comfort to your loved one and help them get through the difficult time. Petsies understands and recognizes a pet owner’s love for their animals. That’s why their team of designers work so diligently to make sure each Petsie is crafted with love and attention to detail.

If you’re looking for the best personaliazed gift for a dog owner, then you have to get them a Petsie! Get ready for your loved one to squeal with joy or maybe even break down in tears when they open the box and see their pet’s lookalike. Petsies are hands down the best way to show someone that you care about the purest relationship in their life. By giving someone a Petsie, you’re giving them the gift of love.